Our Story. Maybe you can relate?

Hi, I’m Bryon Bertrim.
I always love the “About” page because they’re written in the third person …even though they’re typically written by the the owner of the site. So I am breaking the fourth wall to keep it real with you. If you're reading this you are maybe considering hiring us. We would Love  to apply for the job. 
Sales Inc. started in life for my own in-house marketing of SaaS software/mobile app products and Real estate practise. I spent years and thousands of $$-dollars figuring out what the hell online marketing was. Lots of time and $ wasted following one expert after another. Online is not easy and changes constantly, it's not a setup and forget-it world. Slowly we figured it with help of a few talented partners. Our fraternity shares results and stays current with the ever changing technology. I now produce 100s of quality leads for my personal Real Estate business and a few select others.  
Now we want to share this knowledge and help other businesses not make the same mistakes, lose precious time and market share. Imagine building brand and personal authority in your niche, beat your competition, grow market share, launch a new product, reconnect with past clients, and drive steady new leads and sales with focused online marketing.  
The personal stuff 
I’m a Dad of two creative, entrepreneurial young savvy business women  Megan and Tara. Since they were kids I encouraged them towards marketing and business. They know first hand it's not an easy grind. Megan #1 brings a special talent of copy writing, marketing sense, and Facebook audience building.  They are the next Gen consumer and look at things totally different. Online is their first thought. Tara #2 is a visual artist, design focused and accomplished photographer. She can walk into any restaurant and understand why it's not packed or see details missed. Between them they have started servral growing active businesses with sales to grow, payroll to make and brands to build.  See  www.thebeachshack.ca   
 Me: I've been in the sales trenches over 30 years and started as a lowly sales rep for IBM. They wanted us to buy a house, car and have kids to keep us super motivated. It was all aggressive outbound sales back then. Very Glengarry Glen Ross “first prize is a Cadillac….Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you're fired!!.“ But IBM had world class sales training and I sucked it up. After IBM, I went on to other firms as the marketing guy, VP Sales Marketing, Biz Dev, President, founder, and Real estate agent, blah blah from tech startups to public companies.  Including VP for a cool advertising agency to brands like Mcdonald's, Gap and Ford. So spent time on Madison Ave working with creative Don Draper types. (MadMen)
I've invested in Real estate, restaurants, tech start ups and even a wedding dress business that Megan and Tara ran. Damn I’ve done a lot! Some very successfully with sales over $50M, some not so much. Most ventures were great but crazy hard on my family. By far the most important advice I could offer is;  on the other side of the ads are real people. And people buy from those they "Know Like and Trust" online is no different.   

The promise of online is the steady flow of leads and sales, yet so many never achieve decent results. Still the most dependable and consistent way to generate wealth is to turn advertising into profit. Unless your business has a system for steady leads and revenue, it’s just a hobby. Most agencies focus on Google Adwords and while effective, they don’t come close to the present opportunity that advanced Facebook advertising and targeting does. Although it’s a lot more black art. There is a route for success.